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Eastbourne Mini Reunion 2017                                                                                                                                                                            Please note the change of venue & “Paid up member” discounts for this year.

Eastbourne 2016 reunion report.


Can I first say A very big thank you to all our members and guests for making our September reunion held at the Afton hotel Eastbourne the very best so far.Thank you to our committee for taking the heat off me I’m afraid the very recent pneumonia took it out of me

As a result members have requested that we hold our 12th reunion at the Afton again from Friday 15th September 2017 to Monday 18th.

Since attending reunions at Eastbourne it has only ever rained once, now that has to be down to the atmospheric pressure created by all the laughter emanating from within the hotel, this year it was even more so when during our Sunday evening musical quiz, Sue, Derek Foot’s daughter nearly ended up jumping out of the hotel window when she saw a floor show taking place in a adjacent hotel, a male person decided to strip off and get into bed, only he had left the light on and forgot to close the curtains.

Now many of us believe that was a ploy set up by the Pinkies Quiz team of which Sue was part of, needless to say the Royal Marine team including Moya and Mark Jackson won the Quiz by 2 points.

Our Saturday lunch time started off with up spirits, which was provided by our Chairman Stan, an excellent buffet lunch which was prepared by the hotel chef which also included soft drinks and coffee we were joined by the Vice Chairman of the Eastbourne RNA and Brian and his wife Jessie the lady that used to prepare our buffet at the RNA club, lots of lamp swinging between our members and guests  took place, it just proves our Navy in years gone by were a close knit team, Captain Mike Rawlinson and Jean enjoying every minute, it was nice to see Vic Vance attend his first Eastbourne reunion, as many of you will know Vic still works for the MOD and is a Navy author and our liaison officer with the new HMS Protector perhaps I can convince him to write his personal profile, Vic gave a few of us the insight to the modern Navy. Not a happy picture.

After a very pleasant walk on the newly refurbished pier, it was time for   UP Spirits, wine for the ladies, soft drinks for those who required them, Campbell loves his J,2 O’s then hands to dinner,61 were in attendance this included  members and guests an excellent dinner was served with a free round of drinks brought around by Jason the manager. I must point out at this time that as a result of generous donations given by two of our members, these were to be used for those members attending reunions, our  lunchtime buffet, drinks and our Saturday evening free drink came out of these donations, however due to our very generous members our raffle monies collected raised £322 then to top it all off Sue Puleston F.O.S  made a donation of £94 from the sale of beautiful handmade greeting cards, we are nearly back to where we started, so folks our reunion at Eastbourne next September will start with our free buffet lunch etc etc so please try and join us. Photographs of the reunion can be viewed on our website



18th Annual Reunion

Well folks once again time catches up with us, one of our member’s remarked that he thought we would only last for 15 reunions, now we are up to 18 just shows the strength of our association or some have said “It’s more like a family gathering”

You have received the reunion form in our last Protector Post. I have made changes to the form which can be downloaded from our website.

Our trip to Cardiff will be Free coach, Free entry to Cardiff castle. Funds provided by our two generous donators. However I must stress that I have to book coaches and entry numbers, so please put your names forward, you will not be disappointed, and you will of course be helping the welsh economy  when you spend money in the fabulous shopping centre.

I will ensure that we return to the hotel in good time to allow members to get ready for the evening. Up Spirits, Wine for the ladies, and whatever else comes your way, Entertainment will be provided by Steve the hotel DJ he appreciates that we all like to chat, lamp swing, and jive to the swinging sixties.

Sunday morning will be our usual church service officiated by our association padre Rev Jim who incidentally has not been in good health, he informs me that he is running out of jokes, perhaps Norma Williams can help out, I was out of breath laughing at her jokes in the Afton.

Jim’s latest. Two snails were proceeding down his footpath, I said to one of them “What’s that large lump you are carrying on your back” the snail replied   “Michelle”

Rev Jim has requested that should any of our members, wives, and family fall ill please let him know, his number is in the year book or I can supply is email.A word of prayer carries a very long way